What does immigration looks for in your information.

if i have a case in foster care and i have some information that my case worker says its private, it is in my binder. it says some bad things, i want to know if immigration sees that information. they just aproved me the sij visa, do they aprove my green card or what things can keep me from getting one. i just want to know the all the things that keeps you from getting a green card as a sij. In the interview they said "this is real easy" when they were just fliping the pages.

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Patrick Caston Crowley

Patrick Caston Crowley

Immigration Attorney - New York, NY

This is the type of question you should ask your who is filing for you. Generally Juvenile offense are not a bar to adjustment, but there are always exceptions. You must have a privileged conversion with an attorney.

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Wolf W Kaufmann

Wolf W Kaufmann

Immigration Attorney - Anaheim, CA

Immigration looks for any criminal convictions, arrests, charges, immigration violations, false claims of citizenship, misrepresentations etc. But, not all of that will be a problem. In most cases, for example, juvenile delinquency is not a problem, as it would be if you were an adult and were charged in adult court.

To give you peace of mind, you should talk with the attorney handling your SIJ case.

Wolf W. Kaufmann
Southern California Immigration Attorney

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J Charles Ferrari

J Charles Ferrari

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

It depends on where else that information is available from.

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