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What does hindering prosecution 1st degree f5 mean?

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July 19,2011 at 6:40am. DPS officers showed up at my mothers house where i am currently living, looking for my boyfriend for violation of probation . I told them he didn't live there they had told me he had put down my mothers address down on his probation papers. witch i new that was a lie i did start arguing with them about that. I had went inside to get his papers that he had asked me to hold for him when i heard screaming so i ran to see what was going on , DPS officers had found him in my trailer in the property. They told me i was going to jail of course i stat arguing with them because i had no clue he was in there as this was going on they were tazeing him slamming me into my mothers truck with force i told my mom to call cops they threatened her they were going to taze her too

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Here is the statute:

13-2512. Hindering prosecution in the first degree; classification
A. A person commits hindering prosecution in the first degree if, with the intent to hinder the apprehension, prosecution, conviction or punishment of another for any felony, the person renders assistance to the other person.
B. Hindering prosecution in the first degree is a class 5 felony, except that it is a class 3 felony if either:
1. The person knows or has reason to know that the offense involves terrorism or murder.
2. The person commits the offense with the intent to promote, further or assist a criminal street gang.

They are accusing you of helping him avoid being captured.

If this is your first offense, it carries a sentence of 6 months to 2.5 years in prison. The presumptive sentence is 1.5 years in prison. It is probation eligible.

This is not legal advice. This is only for the purpose of public discussion and informational purposes.


The Statute and information that Mr. Knost provided is correct. I would add however that although this is a probation eligible offense, if you go to trial and you are convicted you will have a felony conviction on your record for the rest of your life. This can impact a number of things such as your ability to get school loans, obtain an apartment and secure employment. It is very important that you obtain an attorney who will work to mitigate the circumstances in an effort to get you an offer that will allow you to obtain a misdemeanor on this charge.

Nothing in this web post constitutes legal advice. If you have a legal question please see my main site at <a href="">Phoenix DUI and Criminal Lawyer David M Cantor</a> or call 602-307-0808.

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