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What does final court disposition for DUI look like? not sure what i got from court is the disposition!

Fort Lee, NJ |

I had a DUI in 2008, about 6 years ago and I'm trying to apply for citizenship this year. I've heard I need to get the final court disposition from the court, so i went and asked for it, but they gave me 10 pages file. is this the disposition? it does state every single details of my DUI, but i always assumed the disposition would be a single page paper stating the case is closed.
Please help! also, if it is, do i just need to send this file along with my application?

thanks all,

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  1. It is hard to say without reviewing the documants. The final disposition is one page but it may be in there. There is a sentencing page you signed and were given a copy. That would do the trick iIthink.

  2. As long as its from the court and tells you the final outcome of the DUI case then it is a disposition.

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  3. If happened in nj, consult a nj lawyer, good luck.

  4. The disposition would be one page. It must state the charge and the penalties. What is needed for immigration is different Han for other purposes. 2008 is a recent dwi and could create problems for you when naturalizing. You really should not be doing this without a lawyer.

  5. That is the docket sheet. Towards the end of it will be the dispo. There may also be a court order signed by a judge. That's also the dispo

  6. Go back and ask for a certified disposition report.

  7. Need to review the documents. The disposition is one page, and you signed an acknowledgement as to all penalties. That should be it.

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  8. There are two documents that should classify as a DWI disposition in NJ. One is called a "judgment of conviction" that you can request be certified or non-certified from the Court. The other is a one-page document given to (and signed) all Defendants following a DWI conviction that outlines the penalties imposed. I think the Court's Certified Disposition might be appropriate for your purposes. I think however, you need an Immigration Lawyer to better guide you with this.

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