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What does code 21819pc mean

Los Angeles, CA |

My friend was charged with 11378 HS, 11377(a)HS, 11364.1(a)(1)HS, and 21819PC. I found the meaning of all the charges except the 21819PC

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  1. PC means Penal Code. There is no such section of the penal code. The closest sections are 21810 and 21890 which relate to manufacture, sale, possession etc of metal knuckles.

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  2. There is no such code. Typo perhaps?

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  3. There is no such section in the penal code.

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  4. There is no such Penal Code 21819. Maybe you are looking at a city ordinance or municipal code. For all California Penal Code, you can look them up online at :

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