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What does case disposed mean?

Tulsa, OK |

I just found a traffic violation that I got in 2005 and completely forgot about. Next to my name it says: Disposed: CONVICTION, 09/28/2005. Guilty Plea.
Count as Disposed:FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY/SECURITY VERIFICATION (FR5). What does this mean? It doesn't say anything about having a warrant or anything like that and I had got stopped a few months back and they ran my ID and nothing came back so what is this that I have came accross??? This is also in the state of Oklahoma, Tulsa county...

I came accross this because I was looking up some information on my brother and I decided to look up a couple other ppl as well and just put my name in there also and there it was. I was stopped recently; however, that was in California where I currently live. I don't know if something minor like this was come up in the state of california or not...

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The case was disposed by accepting your conviction on your guily plea.

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I'm in Colorado so cannot say for certain. My guess is that because you forgot about the ticket and did not appear in court, the court entered a default judgment against you. This is typically done in minor traffic violations when the person does not appear. What that means is that the judge entered a guilty verdict against you because you did not appear when you were supposed to. However, in Colorado, this usually means there is a hold put against your license until the fines and court costs are paid. You said you were stopped recently and no problems which could mean the officer didn't have access to it.

How did you come across the information that showed it was a guilty plea? Is it on your DMVR or did you contact the court in Tulsa County? I would do both of those things to make sure there isn't anything still open or outstanding on that ticket if you've never paid any money on it.

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