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What does an escape charge mean when you are on parole?

Burlington, VT |

My boyfriend was arrested last night on an escape charge. He was on parole from a 2009 domestic assault charge. He never left the state or tried to flee. I think he had been close to completing his parole but for whatever reason he stopped meeting with his P.O. and or did meet all of his requirements. I believe he is also going to be charged with a violation of parole. He was arrested Friday night and does not have a court date until Monday. The bail bondsman told me that his right to obtain bail had been revoked. I'm very confused about all this, will he have additional charges brought on him, what exactly does the escape part mean? What should I expect when I go to court for him on Monday?

He wasn't arrested by a bail bondsman tho, he was arrested by the local police, does that make a difference? I received the information on the revoke of bail because I called the bail bondsman to have him bailed out myself. I've tried calling the jail over and over and no one answers, I've tried every extension possible! I'm planning on going to his court appearance on Monday but I was hoping to get a head start on what to expect. Thanks for your answer, it's very much appreciated.

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  1. It depends. By not following the terms of his probation, he can be rearrested and even though he may have been arrested on an escape charge, it does not necessarily mean he tried to flee the state or slip down the wall of the jail. That being said, if the bailbondsman arrested him, it is possible that no other charge will follow. Bondsman can arrest someone they have out on bond at anytime for nearly any reason, however, they have no power to bring charges. They are private individuals and not officers of the state or of the police. You can call the jail and get better details about any new charges pending or if it will just the bondsman revoking his bond.

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