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What does an Attorney's handwritten Triangle Symbol mean in the phrase, "Please Bring (TRIANGLE SYMBOL) Down"....

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This phrase was handwritten in the side margin of a filed Court document "Pass Slip" from a County Criminal District Court, involving the charge of "Injury to the Elderly / with Intent to Harm", in which the court date was reset to a future date, with the "Agreed Plea of Guilty" selection marked....

Are they asking to reduce the Original Grand Jury Indictment (Charge - from Felony 3 to a possible "Misdemeanor") or to reduce the Prison/Jail/Probation time sentence, OR BOTH???

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The triangle is legal terms is defendant, in science its change.

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They are not asking for a reduction in charge(based on the limited information provided here) but instead they appear to have set an agreed plea date. the triangle is just a short way of writing "defendant." So the attorney has asked the coordinator to ensure that the defendant is brought to court that morning.

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as my colleagues have mentioned, the triangle is the symbol for Delta which was the greek letter for D as in "defendant."

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