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What does adjucation mean and how does it affect my me?

Pittsburgh, PA |

I plead guilty to adjucation withheld aggravate battary and I am an adult. So what does this mean for an adult.

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This question should be directed to your attorney who would be in the best position to respond.


Contact your lawyer and ask the lawyer who represented you. That lawyer will have the best opinion of what the disposition result was in your case.


This question is remarkably similar to the question posed from Pittsburgh a day or so ago. Five attorneys answered you then and two have answered you today. Please follow their advice and discuss your case with your attorney. He or she is in the best position to inform you of the consequences of your guilty plea.


Due to the terminology used by you in your questions, I'm wondering if maybe you are referring to a criminal case in some state other than PA. "Aggravated battery" is not a crime in PA, it is known as Aggravated Assault. "Adjudication withheld" also has meaning in other jurisdictions. In any event, you need to speak with a qualified criminal defense attorney who practices in the relevant jurisdiction.


As mentioned there is no crime in PA titled "aggravated battery" at least not in the past 25 years. If you are facing sentencing on aggravated assault, a felony, you could get anywhere from probation to jail. there is a bunch of other information-criminal history, DA's recommendation,, position of the victim, your judge, etc. Ask your lawyer and if you dont have one you better get one.

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