What does a simple will cost

Asked about 1 year ago - Tualatin, OR

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  1. Charles Adam Shultz

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    Answered . Nothing is ever so simple. Do you have a power of attorney for assets to deal with your incapacity, or a power of attorney (health care directive) for health decisions? Do you own your home, assets greater than 100K. You really would be best served calling around to several local estate planning attorneys, asking their fees for planning and meeting with at least one or two of them.

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  2. Anastatia Quirk Ellis

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    Answered . This also depends on the area you live, the prevailing attorney fees in that area and the experience of the attorney.

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  3. Joseph Michael Pankowski Jr

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    Answered . I agree with Attorneys Shultz and Ellis. You will wish to have a will, as well as other documents such as a power of attorney and a health care proxy. The cost will vary, depending on your circumstances and the expertise of the lawyer you choose. One thing is for sure: you need a lawyer to prepare proper documents. Good luck to you.

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  4. Gregory L Abbott

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    Answered . The term "Simple Will" can mean different things to different people. It simply comes down to what you want and need - could the inheritance go to minor children? Do you need a Trust as part of the Will? Is it likely to be a taxable estate? Is the Will the only document you want? Is it a single Will or will there be 2 Wills - one for each spouse ("Mirror Wills" or "Reciprocal Wills" usually are much cheaper per Will if they are both prepared at the same time - i.e. same terms, just swap the names such as "I leave it all to my spouse and then to my children" for each spouse)? You need to review your specific situation with a Portland Metro area attorney and figure out what it is you specifically need and what provisions you want (leaving everything to Spot or Fluffy will cost more than leaving it to your children or human friends). Once that is determined, determining a price is much easier and more specific.

    All that said, Wills in my office which are plain and basic, and do not involve taxable estates or unusual drafting - I leave everything to my spouse if she survives me, if not, then it all goes to my adult children - tend to cost around $500 for just the first Will, a 2nd mirror Will at the same time is considerably cheaper and additional documents are extra. Initial interviews to discuss what you need tend to last an hour to an hour and a half and are a flat $75. It is credited against the total cost if you elect to proceed. Other law offices are undoubtedly different in their policies and charges. It is, however, an area that you should not try to do on your own unless you are fully qualified. No only may whatever you create not do what you want it to, it could get tossed out altogether on a technicality or, possibly worse, create a litigation nightmare and massive costs when it comes time to try to implement it. It can be much, much cheaper to simply do it right from the beginning. There are lots of us quite qualified lawyers in the Portland area, make an appointment with one of us.

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  5. David Charles Clarke

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    Answered . You can do a simple will almost for free. You might need to pay for notary services. Try internet searching "suze orman will" using your favorite search engine. However, it would be a good idea to review whatever documents you create with an attorney. An Oregon attorney can review the will for compliance with Oregon will statutes and discuss whether what you have created will best serve your intended purposes. This will cost you something, maybe an hourly fee. If you come see me, I will notarize for free. My web site is www.easylaworegon.com

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