What does a settlement conference for a custody case entail?

Asked over 1 year ago - Tacoma, WA

My two year old son's father and I have a settlement conference scheduled next month in Pierce County. Unfortunately our case has been extremely high conflict. Our son resides with me and his father has limited supervised parenting time which he hasn't used in over six months. He hasn't completed the court ordered requirements to have the supervision lifted and the GAL recommends continuing supervision for the time being. The settlement conference has me nervous because I'm not comfortable agreeing to unsupervised parenting time and I doubt he'll agree to continue with supervision. What goes on at a settlement conference? Is there pressure to settle even if there are safety concerns? Knowing the process will help immensely. Thank you in advance for your time.

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  1. Dave Hawkins


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    Answered . You are under no obligation to come to an agreement. If you are not comfortabe with their proposals, don;t agree and go to trial. However, please be ware that if you do not have an attorney, going to trial will be very, very difficult becuase there are all sorets of court rules and procedures that must be followed. In Wa. state, Pro se parties (unrepresented persons) are held to the same standards as attorneys. “[T]he law does not distinguish between one who elects to conduct his or her own legal affairs and one who seeks assistance of counsel -- both are subject to the same procedural and substantive laws.” (Wherley) In re the Marriage of Olson, 69 Wn. App. 621, 626, 850 P.2d 527 (1993); In re Marriage of Wherley, 34 Wn. App. 344, 349, 661 P.2d 155, review denied, 100 Wn.2d 1013 (1983). This means that the Judge will expect you to know everything that an attorneys; ignorance of the law is no excuse and no defense if you make errors. So, keep that in in mind at the settlement conference -- can you litigate a custody case?

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  2. Bruce Clement


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    Answered . You should schedule a free consultation with a good family attorney. It’s always best to consult with a good family law attorney to discuss the details before you act. See my AVVO Legal Guides on child custody cases and Alternative Dispute Resolution for more information about the legal issues raised by your inquiry. Click on my photo. On my AVVO home page click on "View Contributions" or scroll down further and click on "Legal Guides." Scroll down the list of my 29 Legal Guides and select the topics relevant to your question. If you like my answer and Legal Guides, please make sure you mark them as “helpful.”

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