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What does a re-arrest mean?

New Haven, CT |

Ex-boyfriend failed to appear in court and now has a re-arrest ordered, what does this mean, and what happens next?

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A warrant for a Failure to Appear has been issued. This is a new criminal charge. An FTA for a misdemeanor is another misdemeanor charge and an FTA for a felony is an additional felony charge. Depending on the court and when the new warrant was issued, he may be able to turn himself in at court and move to vacate the warrant. Otherwise the police can pick him up at anytime. Bail problems may also result. Still, there are ways to defend an FTA.


I agree with Attorney DeMatteo. I also want to add that your boyfriend should retain a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. The longer the FTA warrant is pending, the more difficult the case will be to resolve. Besides, it is only a matter of time before he is picked up on the warrant. He needs to deal with this sooner rather than later.

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I agree with the previous attorneys. Because he did not show up for court, he was charged with a Failure to Appear. He may want to consider contacting the court to see if it is not too late to vacate the warrant for his arrest. If too much time has passed, it may be too late. Either way, he should try to resolve this immediately.

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