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What does a paroled to detainer mean

Electra, TX |

my cusion made parole in texas prison but has 2 detainers on him from missouri and it says that his release date is 1/3/13. it allso says parole to detainer

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  1. Paroled to detainer means that the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice is releasing your cousin to the State of Missouri as they have 2 detainers to have Texas hold him on their behalf. Once paroled, Texas will notify Missouri to come pick him up. If they don't come pick him up within about thirty days from the notice date, Texas can parole him on out. Typically, if the charges are felony charges in the other state, they will come get him so he can take care of the charges pending in Missouri.

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  2. I agree with Attorney Craytor. Pursuant to the Interstate Agreement on Detainers your cousin will be held for Missouri to decide if they are going to Texas to take your cousin into custody.

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