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What does a father have to do to get full custody of his child from the drug addicted mother?

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He pays her 700.00 a month in child support. She has no job, no car and they live in a house with her mother and 3 sister and which ever man she sees and her mother. The child is not properly taken care of and never has the things he needs. She failed a drug test for cocain, meth, xanex and pain pills and all the judge did was order her to go to an addiction clinic. we have faught for this child going on 6 years now. it seems like every lawyer we get just can not get the job done. the mother in question has had no job since the child was born, has had a drug problem, moved 11 times in 5 years with the child, keeps the child from seeing his father months at a time and i could go on for days with this. i need some advice on what we can do do get something done.

we have been to court 4 dif times. we are actually in a court battle right now with her. we are fighting for full custody of the child but it seems like all they care about is money. they dont care that the child support is not spent on bills or food or anything for the child. they dont seem to care that he has bad hygene and school behavoir. he almost failed school b/c she never makes him go if he dont want to. his head was infested with lic a few months ago.

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You need to get an attorney and have him or het petition the court for a change in physical custody.

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