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What does "trial management" mean? (criminal drug case)

Panama City, FL |
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after several "pre trial conference" hearings, the judge ordered "trial management"

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  1. Every Court will have a slightly different nomenclature for the various hearings leading up to a trial. You need to ask your attorney what 'trial management' means in that particular court. If you don't have an attorney it sounds like you are going to need one, as trail management sounds like your case is going to trial fairly soon.

  2. I agree with the other answer. Sometimes it is called a case management conference, and there are plea conferences, and motion hearings, and of course, docket sounding. All, in essence leading up to trial and mostly in pre trials and case management or trial management conferences the judge wants to know if there is going to be a trial, how long it will take, and is each side ready for trial.

  3. It depends on the jurisdiction. Trial management conference could mean that the judge wants all motions to be heard by a certain date before setting trial. There are various hearings such as docket calls, soundings, calendar calls, pretrial conferences and other hearings that virtually all mean the same thing and basically lets the court know the status of the case and any and all issues that need to be addressed.

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