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What does "Proceedings Supplemental is terminated" mean?

Greenwood, IN |

I was sued by a former deadbeat landlord after moving. I admit I foolishly did not appear. Today I got a letter from court saying ORDER ON PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTAL
Parties fail to appear. Proceedings Supplemental is terminated. Sounds to me like he did not appear either.

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    Sounds like you dodged a bullet, for now. The issue will be whether or not the proceeding was dismissed with prejudice. If the order contains that language it will be unlikely that the creditor would be successful obtaining another hearing on the matter.

    In the event the matter is litigated again, it is best to show up. prior to attending another hearing, I would also advise that you seek counsel from a bankruptcy attorney to see whether or not this is a judgment worthy of discharge. That analysis will take into consideration your total financial picture. You should be able to find an attorney in your area that would meet with you without charge.

    Best of luck to you, Jeff

  2. Most likely, it simply means that the court did not continue hearing on the matter and the motion for "pro supp" is denied/terminated. Most of the time, this does not bar the judgment-creditor from filing a new pro supp, but it means that they would, indeed, have to file a new motion.

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