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What does "principal" mean in lewd lascivious child u/16 f.s. 800.04 (principal)?

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lewd lascivious child u/16 f.s. 800.04 (principal) . What does (principal) indicate?

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    Here is the Florida Statute:

    "777.011 Principal in first degree.–Whoever commits any criminal offense against the state, whether felony or misdemeanor, or aids, abets, counsels, hires, or otherwise procures such offense to be committed, and such offense is committed or is attempted to be committed, is a principal in the first degree and may be charged, convicted, and punished as such, whether he or she is or is not actually or constructively present at the commission of such offense.
    History.–s. 1, ch. 57-310; s. 11, ch. 74-383; s. 1194, ch. 97-102.
    Note.–Former s. 776.011."

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  2. It means that the person being charged is one of the actual people who committed the crime; as opposed to being an accomplice.

  3. The principal is the primary person responsible for a crime. Although an accomplice can be sentenced the same as the principal, principals tend to be found more culpable.