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What does "FL REG SEX OFF FEL (C Felony)" mean?

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I just started seeing this guy and found an arrest record for him online-one for "FL REG SEX OFF FEL (C Felony)" and one for "FL REG SEX OFF MIS (A Misdemeanor)." What exactly does this mean? What did he do? I can't find any information online. This happened in the State of Oregon.

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Give an attorney a call and ask him or her to check this guy's record on OJIN. FL REG SEX OFF is something my friends and I refer to as a "non-date-able offense" but just because is it on is arrest record doesn't mean he was convicted. It could also be something simple like someone else shares this guy's name. Either way, get someone to check it out.

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If it's really his record, and not just someone who shares the same name, it means that he's a sex offender and he's required by Oregon state law to register his name and address with the sheriff of any county he lives in within 10 days of any change in address. The charges of "failure to register" indicate that he failed to do so.

The fact that he is a sex offender doesn't necessarily make him a bad person. There are number of sex offenses that are relatively speaking less horrifying than others. Then again, he may be a predatory creep that you want to keep your distance from. The main issue is what was the original sex crime that he's required to register for.

A state-wide computer search will not necessarily reveal what the underlying sex offense was because he could have been convicted in another state before coming to Oregon. The better way to research his background is to get his date of birth and run a national criminal background search through a private database like Intelius.

Happy dating!

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