What does "domiciliary of Texas" in divorce means, and how it it established?

Can somebody point me to a link in tha law code that defines what this is? If one lives and works legally on work vise in TX for 2.5 years, are they considered to be domiciliary of Texas. This has to do with a divorce case in which husband is asking court to dismiss petition for the divorce on the grounds that they their domicile is outside of Texas, in Europe. Some section 6.301 is quoted in the request.

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William Tyler Moore Jr

William Tyler Moore Jr

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Houston, TX

It isn't defined in a statute. Look to case law. Where do you primarily live? Sleep at night? Get your mail? Address on your driver's license? Address on your federal tax return? Tell ICE to contact you? "Domicile" has nothing to do with citizenship or country of origin. Why don't you get a lawyer and let a professional deal with this? When you're ill, do you diagnose and treat your own illness? Do you do your own auto repairs?

I am not intending this to be legal advice, because I don't know the particulars of your situation. Call me if you... more
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Holly A Schymik

Holly A Schymik

Family Law Attorney - Dallas, TX

I agree this is not addressed in the Texas Family Code, and instead is addressed by case law. To be a domiciliary of Texas you must have a fixed place of abode in Texas. The case law defines that constitutes a fixed place of abode, and there are a number of relevant factors. No one test applies to all situations.

Diana Elizabeth Buss

Diana Elizabeth Buss

Criminal Defense Attorney - Austin, TX

To establish Texas as a domicile, a person must live in Texas with the intention of making it your fixed and permanent home.

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