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What Does "Disposed" Mean?/

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My husband had a 2nd DUI. The judge sentence him to 12 months provation, revocked DL for 12 months too and sent to serve 7 days term in jail. Unfortunately he does not have legal papers, he got a ICE hold atter he finished the 7 days, he left the USA on voluntary departure. I am a US citezen, we are married not kids yet. I applied for I-130 righ away. Right now I have to send the require documents for biological, criminal records,DS-230 part I and DS-230 part II etc.,had to get his criminal records and the sencond DUI says is been disposed. He left within the time that he should be in provation since judge did not give him a bond. The 2nd DUI record that my lawyer got says "Disposed" I pay the fines but probation could not be completed becasue of the fact stated above, VD...

The parole officer adviced not to pay the probation fine which was $30 every month because my husband was in jail for about 1 and 1/2 month and could not get to visit the parole officer for every month...Is this going to affect him later when he gets his green card, is this cased closed? Thanks for you answers sincerely.

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The term "disposed" is an inexact and relatively unhelpful term. In the context of a criminal case, a case that has been "disposed of" means that all elements of the case have been concluded and it no longer remains pending. Sometimes the term is used to mean that a criminal case has been terminated through being dismissed or through an order of Nolle Prosqui (sometimes called "Nolle Prossed" or "not prosecuted"). It would be wise to consut that DUI criminal defense attorney to become informed about the exact and precise outcome of the case, and it would be wise to consult with an immigration attorney about eligibility and steps to take in seeking to reunite with your husband.

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