What does "B.T.C. case" mean on a parental rights termination case that is in the Courts of Appeals in Kern County, California?

Asked 11 months ago - Tehachapi, CA

"10 day letter sent (B.T.C. case)." This is what I saw this morning when I logged on to the Courts of Appeals website to checkup on my parental rights termination case. I petitioned to terminate the rights of the biological father, it was granted, he appealed the decision. I just want to know what it means. The opposing counsel has the tenancy to send my mail to the wrong address "on accident" so I do not want to run out of time if I need to respond or do something. I am representing myself so I need time to prepare the needed documents. Can someone please help? Thank you in advance.

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  1. Shannon Richards

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    Answered . I don't know the answer to your specific question, but the clerks at the Court of Appeals are really helpful people. I would suggest you call the Court, be very respectful -- make sure to have your case number handy. Tell then what you've seen online and that you don't know what the BTC stands for. They will be able to tell you. While you have them on the phone, make sure that they have your correct address, because anything they send out to you should go to you as well as your opposing counsel. You should not have to wait for the opposing counsel to send you things from the Court. When you get the answer, comment back, so that we can all learn. Thanks, and good luck.

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  2. Herb Fox

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    Answered . I have bee practicing appellate law for 27 years and I have no idea what "B.T.C." means. But I do know that every appellate courthouse has its own "culture". I would wait until you receive the notice in the mail and/or a phone call back from the clerk. There is little to worry about. There are very few traps or hard deadlines at the Court of Appeal once the Notice of Appeal is timely filed, and you will receive copies of all notices directly from the court.

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  3. Stephen Ross Cohen

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    Answered . Call or visit the Court of Appeals.

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