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What does " supplemental discovery exhibit" mean for a criminal case?

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Criminal charges have been filed since July of 2013, trial date is set for Feb. 2014, just saw on court records this and want to know what it means.

Is there a way to know which side has added this, without contacting the lawyers?

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Supplemental Discover means that the State has provided something extra to your attorney. This could be a new report from the officer, witness statement, report from FDLE or some other important document. Contact your attorney and find out. They will have the information you need.


Discovery in criminal cases is always ongoing, it means that the State or Defense now has additional information that can potentially be used in trial that they did not have when they submitted their initial discovery.

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It means that the State Attorney's Office has filed a supplement to the original discovery response which could be more reports, more witnesses or more physical evidence. Your attorney will receive it and go over it with you. It is normally the way things happen, so you should discuss any questions you might have with your attorney.


They are supplying your attorney with additional information or a change of information previously forwarded. It is routine so do not panic.

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Discovery simply refers to any materials which are relevant evidence in your case. It can be witness statements, lists of witnesses, photos, etc. There is an ongoing obligation by each party to turn over any evidence which could be relevant to the case. Supplemental discovery just means that this evidence was not turned over initially either because it wasn't yet available or some other reason.


Contact your attorney. It could be from either side.

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Christopher Robert Dillingham II

Christopher Robert Dillingham II


Both sides have an ongoing responsibility to update their Discovery. Florida does not allow "ambush evidence" at all. In Florida, unlike the federal courts, we must even disclose impeachment evidence and testimony. I say this in utter sincerity: Watch "My Cousin Vinnie." It is a great primer on the Rules of Criminal Procedure and even direct/cross-examination.


In a criminal case discovery is always ongoing. As a matter of fact in a criminal case discovery is reciprocal which means the defendant too much continue to turn over discovery as its discovered or received. Supplemental just means additional discovery up and till that particular date. Discovery can often times be supplemented many many times over.


The state is under an ongoing obligation to turn over evidence that is relevant, that they may need to rely upon for trial or that is exculpatory. Supplemental discovery is in addition to previously provided evidence. It may include an expansion on previously provided items or something else that is totally new. You should make an effort to confer with your attoney.


After the states first discovery response additional discovery is supplemental

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