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What does "payment after charge off/collections" mean

Chicago, IL |

I disputed a debt on my credit report that used to say "charged off" after the dispute it say's "payment after charge off/collections".

It is for a vehicle that the bank never repoed, never filed a writ of replevin, never sold it to a collection agency. I have asked them to supply me with the original signed contract for the past year and a half and I get no response. What do I do?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. To answer what "payment after charge off/collections" means, generally this indicates that the creditor thinks your loan was in default, wrote off the debt because of the delinquency or sent it to a collection department or third party collector, then you satisfied the obligation. It is a negative item on a credit report. If this is not accurate, then you should dispute the entry. I have information in Avvo guides and on my website about getting and correcting your credit reports. You may want to review that information.