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What does... Defendant's Motion to Impose Sanctions entered mean?

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i was a little confused to what this means in a courts view or a lawyers view? is that a term of defendent is guilty or not guilty? also what other words should i look for in a depostion for guilty or not guilty mean like what else what that mean or be called? thx:)

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A Defendant's Motion for Sanctions is usually offered in the pretrial stages of a case. It is usually done where the State has failed to comply with discovery requests. For instances, if the State the was ordered to turn over a drug certificate at a certain date and failed to do such then the defense would ask for sanctions. In that case the sanctions would probably be to exclude the evidence.

Patrick Donovan


A criminal defense attorney would file a Motion to Impose Sanctions as a strategy to force the prosecutor to do something or produce evidence. Generally the motion asks the Court to either compel the prosecutor to give the information to the defense, or not allow them to use that evidence at trial.

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