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What does " and et al" mean when after my name in public notice of foreclosure.

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what does and et al mean after my name in public notices. why did they not include the wife's name also as it is on the deed and all mortgage documents? Thanks

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Et al. is a Latin abbreviation for "and other persons". It is used when referring to a number of people, i.e., John Smith, et al. It is typically used in the caption of court documents following the first named party, to signify that more than one individual is or may be involved on one side of the case, i.e., ABC Mortgage Company vs John Smith et al.

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et al is Latin for the term "and others". It is commonly used in publications to indicate that there are more people other than the people listed who are Plaintiffs (or Defendants as the case may be) in the lawsuit. They probably do this to save on publication fees.

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This is just litigation parlance in the caption as the others have stated. You need to check the actual paperwork you receive via service or mail that has the full caption.

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