What documents must i have in order to go foward with a malicious prosecution case?

an officer arrested me and had me placed in jail for almost 2yrs. i went to trial and was aquitted of all charges. what i'm saying is this - the crime never happened because when cross-examined the officer openly admitted to losing all the evidence regarding the allegations against me. the system as a whole was aware of this and as a whole failed to do anything about this. the court knew the officer had no evidence and they took a chance by prosecuting me anyway. and as i said before, i was aquitted. no offense but once the verdict was read all parties seemed stunned, like what just happened here. as for as my ? above, what documents must i have to fight such a tough case?

Hollywood, FL -

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Daniel Nelson Deasy

Daniel Nelson Deasy

Personal Injury Lawyer - Centennial, CO

See my prior response to the same question.

Good luck!

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John Gus Zgourides

John Gus Zgourides

Personal Injury Lawyer - The Woodlands, TX

You need a local personal injury lawyer to evaluate what documents are needed.

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