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What do you when you know the court house is corrupted?

Caro, MI |
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My boyfriend has 100% proof that there is a court house that is corrupted. The court house is not fair they allow things to certain people but for others they don't want to hear it.They brought up his juvenile record that even says legally that is was ex sponged. Who can we turn to when you know the court house is corrupted? We really need help.Please help.

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  1. Juvenile records can be used by courts for purposes of sentencing. What makes you think there is corruption?

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  2. Making these types of allegations are very very serious and should not be done lightly. I would not discuss specifics on-line. Before going any further with such allegations, particularly in public (which this site is) it would be wise to consult with an attorney privately. Contact someone with experience in dealing with public corruption cases. More importantly, contact someone that does not regularly practice in the courthouse where you claim there is corruption.

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  3. Is the 100% proof on his case alone or are there other instances that can be proved? How involved is the corruption? Does he have any proof of bribes being taken, or even offered. Is this what he has heard from other people charged with crime? Have there been any news articles about this. Is this worthy of being reported to the news media. That might just be the place to start. This isn't really a criminal defense question is it?

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