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What do you mean by Trial Readiness Trial in Family Law? i got a hearing date on March

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what am i going to expect in the hearing? and can i ask for a spousal support eventhough were only married for 3 months? i dont have work and i came from other country my husband divorce me last 4 mos. ago.

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  1. I have added a "Family Law" tag to your post for more attorney exposure. Best of luck to you.

  2. This should be in the family law category itself.

  3. This is a family law question. If you don't know what the Trial Readiness Conference is you better get yourself a lawyer right away so you don't lose your case, or in this instance to ensure a fair outcome.
    Trial readiness means you need to report to your trial department and report ready for trial, with all your witnesses under subpoena and ready to appear on the date specified in the subpoena, your exhibits, witness list, statement of the case all ready to submit to the court and the opposing side, etc. Good Luck.

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  4. Do you mean your husband just filed a petition 4 months ago? If your husband filed 4 months ago, it does not sound like your case is anywhere near a trial date. More likely, you have a kind of case management appearance so the judge can check in and see if you two are moving forward. Go, be honest, that is your only requirement.

    Without children in a short marriage, you guys should settle this (or summary disso it) and be done.

    If you want spousal support, you have to file a request for order. It may cost you more to request it than you would get in return.

    Did your husband bring you in under an I-864 affidavit of support? If so, that is the method by which you can best obtain support. Again, you have to act by filing a request for order.

    The family law facilitator at the local courthouse can help you with which forms you need and how to fill them out.

    As to your original question:
    The purpose of the Trial Readiness is for the judge to determine whether the case is ready for trial, to ensure that discovery is completed, and to ensure all disclosure documents have been exchanged (such as the final Declaration of Disclosure, which must be exchanged no fewer than 45 days prior to trial). The judge will ask questions about the case to ascertain whether it is ready for trial and how long the trial is likely to take. If the case is indeed ready to proceed to trial, the court will set a Mandatory Settlement Conference (or MSC) as well as a trial date.

  5. The heading and body of your post do not seem to relate to each other. You didn't indicate the County in which your hearing is scheduled. You probably mean that your husband filed for divorce and that the divorce case is pending. Please take your issues to the Family Law Facilitator's Office at your courthouse for free assistance with access to the court's file.

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