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What do you do when someone threatens to kill your cat/pets?

Minneapolis, MN |

I have new neighbors, needless to say it has not started out as a good relationship as one of them said to me in all seriousness that he would kill my cat if he caught him in his yard again. They've been there a week, I've been here 7 years. I've never had problems with my cat in my neighborhood in all those years and now this. I don't want my cat to get killed by some punk dude who's scared of him, so what should I do? I cannot keep him inside as he howls like a banshee when he wants to go out, and doesn't stop until he gets his way.

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First, you can be reported for allowing your pet to roam free and you may be cited by the city. A neighbor may make a valid complaint for an animal running free on their property.

Second, your neighbor could be charged for intentionally killing a domestic animal under Minnesota Statutes 343.21.

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I agree with my colleague. Your cat has trained you to let him out - he doesn't "need" to go outside. You can either wait him out or you can take your chances letting him out. I'm not suggesting your neighbor would be justified in killing the cat - just that you have a pretty simple solution to the problem.

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