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What do you do if the other party denies a hit and run?

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I was in an accident about a month ago, another driver hit me from behind at a stop light. I got there licence number as they drove away and called the police. They told me it was ok to drive to work and then they would send someone to me. When I called back they said they couldn't send someone out and to file a report online, which I did. There is just under $1000 damage to my car but the other persons insurance refuses to pay because they deny the accident ever happened and say I cannot prove it because the other car does not show enough damage. Of coarse they would deny it, its a hit and run. I have liability only on my own insurance so they will not help me go after the other party for the damage. How do I prove a hit and run if the other car was not damaged? How should I proceed?

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  1. Unfortunately, a month is a considerable amount of time that has passed. If the accident happened in a commercial area, stores, buildings, etc. often have surveillence cameras that might have caught the accident. If you have paint marks on your car that match the color of the other vehicle, that is another way to prove it. Even if the damage to the other car is minimal, if it is to the front of the vehicle, that may tend to give credibility to your claim. I a presuming you were alone because you did not mention a passenger who would have been able to act a witness. In the end, take them to small claims court, tell your story, they will tell theirs and if you lose, you are no worse off than you are now.

  2. There would need to be some damage to the front of the car that rear-ended
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