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What do Workers Compensation attorneys charge?

Burbank, CA |

Do they charge differently depending of whether the workers comp claim is accepted or denied?

So, if I hire an attorney at 15%, will he get 15% regardless of whether the claim is accepted or denied? (I'm asking generally, I'm sure attorneys and clients have latitude to fashion their agreements.)

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Price is the same either way. Acceptance/denial really does not factor in, because often the decision has not been made at the time of the attorney's hiring. Civil Attorneys typically contract for 30-40%, so California worker's compensation is one of the better deals out there in contingency arrangements.

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I agree with Mr. Corson. Most of us charge 15% of any settlement. We do have leeway, that is we don't have to charge the full 15% , but very few of us will negotiate... there just isn't much room in a 15% fee.

If you see Nordstrom or Macy's has the big 15% off sale, do you drop everything to get down there? Probably not. Why? Because 15% is chump change. You're looking for the big 50-75% off sale (just hold out another 3 days for that). Well, it's chump change in attorney fees also. I don't negotiate my fees.


The fee is the same, however on a denied claim there will likely be more work for the attorney. Depending on the level of difficulty the Court can award a higher fee to the attorney such as 20%


In Connecticut and most states fees are set by statute. In Connecticut where I practice attorneys charge 20% of the recovery.

Brett A. Borah

Brett A. Borah


I like Connecticut law better but, still, California is 15%.


It's not my area of practice but my understanding is that WC lawyers usually charge 15 percent as counsel stated.

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