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What do we need to say to our Real Estate Attorney who will not disclose to us the amount we owe thus far nor meet with us?

Hickory, NC |
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We have an attorney who is using his "younger attorneys" for a cheaper rate for us to pay since we're retired and on a fixed income for a property line dispute and our claim for adverse possession for 33 years.The judge signed off for our neighbor to remove ALL fencing at least minimum of 25ft he erected on our 'adverse property" that he too has treated as ours since he arrived here until Dec of last year.His fencing also was blocking our ability to get into our driveway safely.There is a security set for $100.00.Neighbor only took down the fencing and left it laying there(driveway only.The other 10 posts in our backyard remains).Our attorney did NOT address it when we went to court as he promised.There's a restraining order against neighbor that he's also violated.They're ignoring us!

They will not set up an appointment to meet us to tell us the costs or our next court visit. More less what they've done regarding the neighbor calling us since court(violating the restraining order)as well as his contempt prior to our last court date and was supposed to already be filed. According to attorney, Only if he would be in contempt would he be made to pay the $100 fine and remove the fencing. None of which has been done! We have no idea what's going on nor have any idea how long this is projected to take. Help!

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  1. Place your concerns in writing and send to the attorney. Ask for a face to face meeting. If he continues to be non-responsive, then start interviewing other attorneys.

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  2. I agree with Mr. Millar. In your letter, you may want to state that if you do not hear from the attorney within a certain time period, say 10 days, that you will file a grievance with the North Carolina Bar. Good luck to you.

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  3. I agree with the other attorneys, you may need to end up firing this attorney. Non-responsiveness is often a sign of trouble! Don't wait, send a letter return receipt requested and demand they contact you and provide you with a monthly billing ASAP!

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  4. Start interviewing new attys. Keep in mind that if you are trying to keep legal costs down, you may not want the attysd to go to court over things that arent critical. Perhaps you should ask if you can take pictures of the posts they left, and then have them removed. Send a letter with a list of the items/things your neighbor has done, and ask atty to advise you what the options are, and the expected cost of each.

  5. It seems to me that the neightbor has not yet fully complied with the Order, but that depends on exactly what was ordered. I think you should take photographs showing the poles in the yard--include enough background context to show clearly that the poles are in your yard or on the adversely possessed land--and then mail or email those photos to your lawyer and ask what he recommends as the next course of action. But you have to give your neighbor a reasonable amount of time to comply with the order. And I suspect that part of the reason you are not hearing back from your lawyer is that he knows you are on a fixed income and he is trying to save you some money, but not having an unneccessary meeting with you. I would discourage you from firing this lawyer and looking for a new one at this time. You need to investigate the reasons for the communication problem first.

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