What do i say in court in order to get a moving violation removed from my driving record?

Asked over 2 years ago - Dubuque, IA

I have court today and I am wondering what I should do or say in order to get this removed from my record so I can get my permanent license. The violation was "failure to obey road signs" I got pulled over for going around a detour sign because I thought my turn was before the road construction but when I found out that the road construction was first I went around the construction and got pulled over for it. I have heard of a couple people becoming eligible for a defensive driving class that gets an offense removed from your record and I am wondering how I would become eligible for that. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Colin Christopher Murphy

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    Answered . If you are found guilty of the offense or plead guilty, then the offense will remain on your driving record. I don't believe a deferred judgment, which would remove the offense from your record, is available for scheduled traffic offenses. The DOT may take action to suspend your license if you have multiple moving violations within a specified period of time. You will receive a notice from the DOT if that's the case once it receives notice of your conviction. The notice will provide for appeal rights. If you appeal, then the issue of the defensive driving class may arise to allow you the opportunity to prevent the suspension from taking effect.

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