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What do I need to do to lawfully leave the country after resigning a job with h1b visa

Philadelphia, PA |

My last day of work is April 13th.
I have one - way airplane tickets for that same day.

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  1. Leaving in itself is sufficient - be sure to hold on to boarding passes, e-mailed itineraries etc. as proof of departure in case you are questioned on some later attempt to reenter the U.S.

    The important thing - if you are departing - is that you are doing so before 180 days or more elapse from the expiration of your I-94 (not a problem for you, as your I-94 would not yet have expired when you leave).

  2. I agree, I would only add that when your I-94 is surrendered, the CBP will record your departure. I'm attaching a link from the CBP for persons who forgot to surrender their I-94 - it provides some information that is relevant to your question. Good luck!

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  3. Nothing, except that you are out of status and you are starting to accrue unlawful presence. If you are in the US after 180 days, you will be subject to a 3 year bar after 1 year the 10 year bar. Consult with an immigration attorney. Good luck.

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  4. Timely leave the country being sure to surrender the I-94 on the way home.

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