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What do I need to do to get recourse from the effects of this Obvious Discrimination and Hostile work environment.

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I was the top sales person for my employer. When there was a change in management, the new managers treated me differently. I reported the issues to my general manager all the way and also reported it to HR. One of my managers, who make derogatory remarks about light skinned black women, like myself. He became aggressive toward me and would invade my personal space in a threatening manner. The only thing the company did was say that he couldn't be in the building at the same time as me if no other managers were around. Different acts of discrimination continued until I left. Two weeks before I left, my manager said that because of my skin color, everything i do is under the magnifying glass and explained how I can or cannot move up in the company if I learn to accept the way things are.

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You should call a personal injury/employment discrimination attorney immediately.

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It sounds like you might have a viable claim. I am in Tacoma or you can email any of us by clicking on an attorney's profile.

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First of all, I am very sorry to learn about this situation. This type of workplace behavior is blatantly unacceptable, and you should never have been treated in this way.

If you can substantiate the things that you are articulating here, you may have a strong claim for discrimination and a hostile work environment. These cases can be tricky, as can applicable administrative requirements that you sometimes need to complete prior to bringing a lawsuit. Put simply, this is really not a self-help process. A consultation with an employment attorney in Washington is the next step. Have a sit-down with someone that you have researched and feel like might be a good fit. Consider the resources and experiences of the lawyer/law firm, including whether there are multiple attorneys or other legal professionals who can help on your file. You should be able to secure a free consultation and analysis of your claim (we offer these, as do many others), which will help you chart a course forward. Most of all, do not delay, as time is never a claimant's friend in cases like these.

Good luck to you. I hope that you get redress and justice here. Let me know if I can help.

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