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What do I need to do in order to change my child's name?

Youngstown, OH |

My child is a week old,and I am not sure about his first name fitting.I already filled out the birth certificate form.& I am still in process of waiting to recieve the certificate & his social security card.I am unmarried so what do I need to do?

Attorney Answers 2

  1. Wait until you get all the information back and then you have to fill out an application in the Probate Court of the county you live in.

  2. After you get the birth certificate back, you can approach the Probate Court about a name change action. These are inexpensive and without paternity established, you will not need the consent of the father (if he isn't named on the Birth Certificate). But before you change the name--make sure it's what you think is best for the child. Think about how you selected the name. What are you replacing it with, and how does it fit the child? Think before you act. And, Congratulations. Good Luck.

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