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What do I need to do if I'm being accused of physical child abuse of my daughter by my mother?

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I'm a single mother and full time student with three kids. My mother initially illegally adopted my oldest daughter back in 2003. My middle daughter lives with my father and his wife. My youngest just a week ago was awarded temporarily to my mother, without my knowledge, because she accused me of maliciously beating my child. She said my child had bruises from me spanking her, but I know she did it. My mother hasn't worked in years and basically wants to keep living off the state with my kids as pawns (food stamps, medicaid, financial assistance, and section 8). She physically abused me and my sister growing up with extension cords etc. She goes to a shrink. She knows I'm trying to get my kids back after I get out Nursing school so she is throwing salt on me. What do I do in Dekalb Co.

She has been going to see a shrink on a regular for psychological disorders in order to get SSI from the government because she refuses to work. I'm hoping the courts can easily read between the lines when we go to court. She allowed my ten year old to get molested by a 13 year old boy that was her ex boyfriend's nephew back in 2009. She never was going to report it until her aunt and I initiated it. She lied and said she reported it to the police and threatened to spank my oldest for telling my aunt about what happened. What can be done because she has made me out to be the villian when it has been her all along? I refuse to lose another child to her for her own selfish ways.

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I do not practice in Georgia but, based on general concepts of child abuse law, you should have a hearing soon on whether the emergency custody of youngest child should continue based on the allegations. Contact a local attorney experienced in dependency and neglect cases immediately and tell that attorney about your mother's lies and the reasons she should not have custody of your daughter.

If you don't know any local lawyer referral sources, use the link below to find a National Association of Counsel for Children member near you who takes parent representation cases.

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You should have had a 72 hour hearing if your child was taken into care. There will be additional hearings - an adjudicatory hearing, dispositional hearing, judicial reviews...and you should request an attorney to assist you through the process. If you have evidence that your Mother is injuring your child, then you should share it with your attorney, so that he or she can help you bring out that information during the proceedings in a procedurally correct way. The State may request that certain evaluations be performed - i.e. they may want you to submit to a parenting assessment, may want your child to undergo a psychological evaluation, etc. Your attorney may request that your mother also submit to an independent psychological evaluation, that an independent guardian ad litem be appointed to represent your child's best interest. The Court may also appoint a child advocate, whose job is to advocate for what your child wants - the child's lawyer. There will be a lot of players and potentially a lot of opinions, and again, it is important to make sure that you are well represented.

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