What do I file to ensure Child Support Payment when IWO is in place?

The respondent works in a company that has different stores, all the same name, and each time he goes to a different store the company doesn't forward IWO for payroll, and the respondent bounces around so much within the company, a month goes by before I can call the research department at the court and they can forward the IWO. I was wondering what I can do to ensure payments stay on track. He already owes a years worth of back child support and now another month, and had a warrant against him in July which he paid off.

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Jessica M Cotter

Jessica M Cotter

Family Law Attorney - Glendale, AZ

I would apply for help with the Arizona Department of Economic Security. They have better tools for enforcing child support than the family court, for example they can intercept tax refunds. There is the link to their web site to apply on line for help. https://www.azdes.gov/az_child_support/

Judd S Nemiro

Judd S Nemiro

Family Law Attorney - Phoenix, AZ

As counsel mentioned, you can apply for help from DES. Also, you can request the Court to make new orders that specify that the parent company needs to be garnishing wages, and not each individual store.

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Kevin J. Vale

Kevin J. Vale

Child Support Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

You can file a Petition to Enforce and Order to show cause. If he has not paid in a year the matter should be referred to accountability court which would be a more appropriate venue to deal with this type of situation. The payor would be required to keep coming back to court to prove compliance with the order. Accountability court is not available in every situation.

As counsel correctly points out, the company should have a main human resources department that could assist you in this situation.

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