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What do I do with someone who owes me $67 and is abusive in being unresponsive

Los Angeles, CA |

So there is this jeweler in Westwood that I sold some gold and silver too and have done a lot of business of this sort with him in the past and be owes me $67 from a few months ago that i sold some silver to him and he won't pay me! I keep texting him and threatened him with a lawyer and small claims and he won't respond. Since I'm young he doesn't take me seriously. He's a joke and a thief who stole a Cartier gold pendant from me that was $2620 and then settled with me for $800!! Now this and the lapd police here is Crap and I'm sure they won't listen and investigate this man. What do I do and how can I teach this garbage to stop cheating people.

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To recover the $67, you would file a lawsuit in the small claims court. If you win, you will also be able to recover your costs (filing fee and process server fee). Unfortunately, you are in quite a dilemma because a civil lawsuit won't achieve the level of justice that you seek, and the amount in controversy is likely too small for the District Attorney's office to prosecute.

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Your question was posted under the practice area of Divorce. This does not appear to be a family law question.



Oh I thought I had posted it under general questions


Sue him in Small Claims Court.

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Sue him in small claims and quit doing business with him. report him to better business bureau.

Christine James

Christine James


Certainly stop doing business with him. Reporting him to the BBB is a good idea. Also, see if there are other people on line who have the same type of issues with him. The more people who have problems with him the more you want to stay away and you can probably bring that to the attention of the judge in small claims court.


What is somewhat interesting in your post is that by your account, this incident is the second time that this person cheated you in a transaction, yet you went back to him. The first incident should have taught you to not do business with him.

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