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What do I do when someone has filed a false police report against me.

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I evicted this man from my aunts he was to be her caregiver but was ripping her off and not taking proper care of her untill the eviction was legal he made life hell come and take anything he wanted at least 15 times I had the police here he has threated me brought people over screaming and calliing me names and threated me but I was told everytime by the police until the eviction was final he could take what he wanted weather it was my aunts or his it was a civil matter, thats fine but even after he he was no longer allowed on the property he is still harassing me he has filed a false police report against me what can I do I have had enough of this guy, the cops came out the other day and dismissed the charges but I have had enough

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Just give your statement against his and let the police close the file. They usually identify who repeat frivolous callers are but they need a reason close things. Try and get a protective order if there have been threats to you or your aunt. Then if he returns, call the police.

You could file a civil suit for nuisance or assault if he has aggressively threatened you, but the reality is that you probably just want people like this out of your life. Sometimes you only unlock more and more problems by pursuing actions with them.

Clark County, NV practitioner.

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Mr. Alexander gave you really good advice. People who are evicted usually have problems with which you do not want to become involved; sometimes a ferocious defense is designed to deflect your attention from the real problem. If, as you suggest, he was not taking care of your aunt or stealing from her those are serious matters and I hope somebody is looking into those allegations.

Communications to police are generally privleged. Policy reasons conclude it is better to take the occasional false report and sort out the underlying problem rather than have people afraid to make genuine repots to law enforcement. The police will figure it out.

Elizabeth Powell

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