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What do I do when my doctor drops me for using pot?

Meadville, PA |

I have had 3 neck surgeries and have been on morphine and other addictive drugs for years for chronic pain. My doctor of 18 years knows my history and has prescribed these medications. I have episodes of severe pain and can do nothing but stay in bed for days. I was desperate and tried to smoke pot for some relieve. The blood test showed THC in my system and my doctor dropped me. I am worried about suffering from withdraws and worse is trying to find another doctor as this has gone on my medical records and no doctor will treat me for my pain. I am feeling depressed.

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Your doctor prescribed morphine and other addictive narcotics, but "drops" you for trying marijuana to relieve your pain? Sounds like you need to drop him and find a new doctor who cares about your well being!


i would go to another dr and explain what happened. these guys are under the gun when they prescribe heavy narcotic pain meds. and they have each person sign contracts and take urine tests to make sure you arent violating the terms of that contract. this dr feels you have breached it and so you need to ck around for another pain dr and explain the situation to them. seems thats the best advise i can give.


Many doctors who prescribe narcotics become "spooked" when they do a blood test and it comes back positive for other non-prescription drugs. I agree with the other posters, find another doctor. Its not really "legal" advice but, experienced advice. I have seen this several times. What I suggest to clients and anyone else who will listen is this: find a doctor who is more sympathetic to your painful condition. Generally, pain management doctors and psychiatrists who deal with chronic pain conditions are more willing to prescribe these medications. Best of luc.k

Lars A. Lundeen

Lars A. Lundeen


If your State has a medical marijuana program,you may want to try and qualify yourself to be on a Medical marijuana user's registry.


Go to Avvo Health and find a new doctor.


In addition to the other answers you have received, if you are near a state that allows the prescribing of medical marijuana, try to find a doctor in that state to treat you.

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