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What do I do when I feel my work environment is hostile?

Jonesboro, GA |

I can never seem to get a manager or a supervisor to address issues I have within in the dept. Most recently, I had to visit the HR dept about my job performance and why I could not communicate with my manager/supervisor about it. I even told her about how my team leader 'retaliated' against me for questioning a decision that was made about my work. I also, had to visit the urgent care center for a possible job-related injury to my hand. Neither supervisor or manager has yet to approach me and I will be visiting the physician for a third time with pt therapy because there is still swelling in my hand. I believed I could continue to work as normal but at a slower pace. So the dr. released me to go back to work on regular duty. Are any of my rights being violated as an employee?

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  1. Claims of hostile work environment, retaliation, and discrimination, etc., are highly fact-sensitive situations that require more facts than can be reasonably supplied here. I would suggest you consult with an Employment attorney in your area to discuss your situation and legal options. Many attorneys who deal with these sorts of claims do offer free or low-cost initial consultations.

    Good luck.

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  2. Your e-mail is very common in that it misconstrues the legal meaning of the phrase "hostile work environment." The federal anti-discrimination laws are not a general civility code. Rather, they are designed to protect individuals from discrimination and severe or pervasive harassment because of a protected characteristic like race, gender, age, national origin, religion, or disability. Your email does not describe any harassment on the basis of a protected characteristic, and without such evidence, there is no claim for a "hostile work environment." That said, you may want to consider consulting with a Workers' Compensation lawyer about your hand. I recommend you call Alex Wallach in Forest Park, GA.

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