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What do I do when a shop severely overcharges me and I can't afford to get my car back from them?

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I was quoted $6500 originally to have work done on my car, need the motor rebuilt ect. When I was going to pick my car up they told me it was now $9500 and they charged me over $700 to weld part of my exhaust and over $600 to diagnose a problem with something they installed incorrectly. I had the $6500 but not almost $10000 and they won't give me my car back. What do I do?

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Minnesota law states the shop's final price cannot exceed its written estimate by more than ten percent without the prior authorization of the customer. If this occurred, you should pay the shop the agreed to amount, plus 10% and demand your car back. Make sure you document your payment and demand. If thereafter the shop does not agree to return your property, then you should contact an attorney. Minnesota law requires the shop to pay your attorney's fees, compensatory damages, and punitive damages not to exceed three times the total bill. Also, it allows for you to go after the shop for fraud, misrepresentation, and/or deceptive trade practices. In other words, the shop has incentive to comply with your demand, but if they do not, then you should absolutely contact an attorney.

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