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What do I do to buy more time after an eviction notice.

Las Vegas, NV |

I have received a five day pay or quit notice and didn't respond within the five days. I see in the computer that they now have granted an eviction. The problem is that I am not on the lease and the person who is on the lease is missing in action. Is there any possible way to respond in order to get more time. I know that I can't stay without paying the rent which isn't an option without my roomates half. I just want to know the best way that I can buy the most time. I haven't actually got the notice yet but I probably will either Monday or Tues.

Attorney Answers 2

  1. You are not really there, in a legal sense. You are not on the lease. You have no roommate. Make sure you have you belongings out, less a travel bad which you do not leave in the apartment. Leases are about money. Pay the full rent, and the landlord might drop everything. Perhaps not, since the landlord had to go through all this paperwork.

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  2. In Nevada, if the summary eviction has been granted the Constable can and will post the 24-hour notice to vacate on your door at their convenience . Once the 24-hour notice has bee posted the Constable will return with the owner (or duly authorized agent) and a locksmith 24 hours later to execute the eviction. If you are not out at that time, the Constable will forcibly remove you. You will then need to organize a convenient time for the owner to remove your personal property.

    I think your time has been spent. You can offer to pay the rent for the month, but most owners that go to the expense of the eviction want a fresh start with a new tenant. I would recommend you spend your time and money collecting your things and finding a new residence.

    Good luck.

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