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What do i do pls?

Tacoma, WA |

i applied for a job recently and they gave a copy of criminal record and it shows a thrd degree theft from pierce county and a warrant issued. I havent received any court letters for court date since incident but this is on record what do i do now??

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The first step would be to check with the court to see if there is still an active warrant out there. If there it, my advice would be to hire an attorney and get it taken care of as soon as possible. The courts are far more likely to be understanding if you go to them after finding out about a warrant as opposed to being stopped and being hauled in front of the judge in Pierce County's beautiful grey suits with pink undershirts.

A good criminal defense attorney would be able to help you through this problem. It is particularly important to get one familiar with the Pierce County criminal system. Best of luck with your warran.t


Start at and look yourself up. Then google "Washington State Patrol WATCH"and spend the $10 to look and see what they have on record. If there is anything there, please contact private criminal defense counsel or the Department of Assigned Counsel and direct your concerns to that person or agency. If the information is incorrect, they can help you get it removed from your record. If the information is correct and you just learned about it, the sooner you deal with it, the better. Hope this helps. Elizabeth Powell

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As the other attorneys said, you need to look into this and see if you do have a warrant. This will not go away over time. It will remain hanging over you and interfering until you take care of it. Contact an attorney in your area. Many attorneys offer free consultations.


Seems like you don't have any criminal history, that this was a surprise! If these assumptions are correct hire an attorney to look into this charge and I am sure he/she would be able to file a notice of appearance on your behalf and get you a court date to deal with it outside of jail. If not then you will have to try and get a court date on your own and deal with this case because it just won't go away.


If you have been crime free since the incident and more than three years have passed since you complied with all of the terms of the sentence; you or a lawyer on your behalf may petition the Judge who accepted your guilty plea for a "vacation of records" which would essentially restore you to pre-conviction status. Sincerely, THOMAS A. BALERUD

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