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What do I do in a multiple situation (falsely accused of stealing and forgery) like this?

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I have a family issue that has progressed into something far more than it truly is.
My family member had promised me that I could have a car that we got at auction and to just put it in my name. So bill of sale was done and title of that vehicle is now in my name.
Then that member has gotten upset with me and is now trying to use me against my other family member because of a nasty divorce going on, and is accusing me of stealing the car.

Second that member had written out a check for me for work I had done in the past, so I cash it and then that same family member is falsely accusing me of forgery! I figure he doesn't want to stop the check, because then he would be put in a bad situation, so I am most certain he took this route for reason to not pay me
What do I do with this situation?

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If those claims are being made to the police either hire an attorney who can speak with the police and be certain they are aware of what is really going on or contact the police yourself and give them this information. Contacting them yourself is a mistake since, especially if they think you are guilty could try to trip you up or make it sound like you are just telling a story to get out of trouble. Title to the car is strong evidence that a lawyer could use to assist you.


If the family member really made out the check, the forgery allegation probably will not go far. Teh police should sed teh check to SLED for a handwriting analysis and this should confirm that the Family memeber did in fact write out the check, not you.

If the family member is pressing criminal charges through the police, you could hire an attorney now to assist you and speak on your behalf, or you could wait and see if it blows over and hire an attorney after you are charged if you do get charged.


There are a number of issues going on here so you need to hire an attorney that can guide you in the process and try to help you sought out this mess.


This sounds like a very complicated situation and should be handled very carefully by an experienced criminal defense attorney.

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