What do i do if non custodial parent hasnt contacted child in weeks pertaining to visitation?

if a non custodial parent hasnt contacted child or i (the custodial parent in three weeks prior to visitation, what should i do? do i get in trouble for not bringing child to visitation if non custodial hasn't called to schedule the visitation or even have contact with the child? his father lives in oklahoma, and we live in arizona.

Phoenix, AZ -

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Maxwell William Mahoney

Maxwell William Mahoney

Child Custody Lawyer - Phoenix, AZ

Your parenting plan or decree should say something about who arranges for travel or who should communicate regarding the beginning of parenting time. Your best bet is probably to keep the lines of communication open via written communication (i.e. email) to show that you are willing to allow the non-custodial parent to exercise their parenting time. Also, this written communication will document everything in case an issue arises later.

While your situation seems straight forward from your facts, there may be additional facts that would allow for more thorough advice. As such, it might be a good idea to consult with a family attorney.

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