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What do I do if my lawyer will not release my settlement? Is there a statue of limitations for my settlement distribution

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We won our settlement July 2013. A portion has already been given to my mother back in June. I keep calling but they keep telling me they are waiting on a new adjustment letter from the insurance company.

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There is no way to understand what happened here or why your mother and you are receiving money on a workers' compensation case. I'm not sure this is the correct category.

Talk to your lawyer. You have a right to know what is happening, be shown copies of checks, and be provided an update of proceedings.

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Your lawyer needs to keep you better informed as Mr. Hoffman has suggested .

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Are you talking about a workers compensation injury? Your question does not really give enough facts. As a general rule, you are entitled to information about what is going on. I would suggest, as has been advised, that you consult a local attorney, who can get all the facts and give you the best advice.

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1.) If YOU were injured, YOU get the money, NOT your mother.
2.) It is NOT possible to "Win" a settlement. You win a judgment and you negotiate a settlement.
3.) How could any money be distributed BEFORE you won?
4.) If you are a minor and the amount of the settlement or judgment exceeds $10,000.00, the Probate Court requires that the money be placed in a bank on the condition that NO funds can be withdrawn before you turn 18, without the Court's permission.

Why haven't you asked your attorney?

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