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What do I do If my boss is sexually harassing me? I've told him I'm not like that but it seems he keeps insisting still. HELP!

Kankakee, IL |

My boss has always touched my shoulders, will grab my hand and hold it for a brief moment, kisses on the cheek, and at times a hand around the waist when he stands next to me. He has also made comments that were mixed signaled, where I thought he was coming on to me but I wasn't 100% sure. When he touches me or comes on to me I'll try to find an excuse to walk away. He never does anything around anyone else. Recently he had a bottle of expensive scotch that he insisted we drink at work with another employee, when she left the room he implied that we should stay and have more fun after she leaves, and then he tried to kiss me even though I said no. He also asked me I could get pot because he gets horny when he's high and he wants to smoke it with me even though I told him I don't smoke.

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  1. That's a very unhealthy environment. Is there a supervisor you can report this conduct to? Contact an employment lawyer in your area. It would appear to me that you could claim constructive discharge, quit, and then sue for sexual harassment. If you do not take some action, this man is going to become emboldened and will push this conduct to the next level...

  2. You need to report this behavior. If "boss" means he owns the company, see a local sexual harassment attorney to be d=sure that you follow all of the procedural steps.

    The above is not intended as legal advice. The response does not constitute the creation of an attorney client relationship as this forum does not provide for a confidential communication.

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