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What do I do if I suspect my ssi payee is stealing money from me?The ssi office said there' nothing they can do...

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hi I am emailing you because im concerned about my last weeks check because I get 117 a week from my payee and the check I payed my credit card off with on nov 15th of last week was returned to my payee due to unsufficant funds due to them not having money in their chase bank when I took in this weeks check in, today, to make another payment on my credit card...I found out last weeks check was returned to my payee due to unsufficant funds so my bank wells fargo took the 117 out of my savings account!Now im worried todays check will also get returned and they will take another 117 out of my savings for this week which means ive lost 224.00 in two weeks if that happens.i wont find out until tomorrow if todays check went through or not or will get sent back but im concerened because I sent my payee an email and also left them a voicemail and they haven't got back to me.i went to two different wellsfargo banks which is my bank to verify that last weeks check got returned to my payee due to them not having my ssi money in their chase bank account and its the middle of the month...who do I contact if they are stealing my money?i even went to the local ssi office today and explained whats going on thinking maybe I was cut off of my ssi they told me I wasn't and I needed to contact my payee and there was nothing the ssi office could do about I will give it one more day (tomorrow) to see what happens with todays check and see if they will reimburse me for last weeks check...but my question is: What do I do if they don't reimburse me and or if this happens again tomorrow? Who do I contact if the social security office doesn't help and or I don't hear from my payee or if I do and they refuse to do anything about it? Please help me thank you so much for your time---Jackie Carpenter

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  1. Okay, the first thing I would do is exhaust every avenue by which to contact the payee. If you reach the payee, then you ask for an accounting of your funds.

    If you are unable to contact the payee or if there is fraud, then you need a civil attorney to help you sort this out. If you cannot afford one, then I recommend that you contact your local Legal Aid office or other low income legal services provider. If you cannot find one for your area, then try reaching out to your state bar association to help you track down the money.

    Best of luck.

  2. I agree with my colleague. I would also like to add that the Social Security office can make the payee give them an accounting. If you do not hear from your payee, I would try the Social Security office again.

  3. You need to get an accounting from your payee and you need to make an application for a new payee.

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