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What do i do if i have a warrant in another county and cant get to the area?

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i have a bench warrant for not paying my fine because i cant afford it i am a college student with no money. i cant even get to the area of the warrant.what can i do?

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If you simply just can't get to the area, and if you were on misdemeanor probation, a lawyer would be able to appear on your behalf to attempt to clear the warrant. Of course that costs money too, but you could hire the lawyer on a limited basis to appear and attempt to resolve your matter all in one court appearance.

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Contact the court clerk in the county that issued the warrant. Different counties have different ways of dealing with warrants; some may require you to turn yourself in at the jail.

If you are arrested on the warrant, you could wind up sitting on your rear end in jail until a transport bus shows up, then get shuttled around from bus to holding center to bus until you finally get to court.

I would never agree to be hired "on a limited basis to appear and attempt to resolve your matter all in one court appearance," and I doubt any of my colleagues would, either.

Either an attorney represents a client or he doesn't, and once he or she tells the judge, "I'm the lawyer representing the defendant in this case," there is no way to withdraw without getting the judge's permission.

District Attorneys and judges know which lawyers fight to the end for their clients, and which ones are "dump trucks" who will take an initial payment, knowing the client can't pay for the balance of the case, make one or two appearances, then ask the judge to let them off and appoint the public defender.

Which type of lawyer do you think is able to negotiate the best resolutions in a case?

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You need to contact the court, the clerk should be able to tell you the procedure for getting the warrant recalled. If you choose to ignore the problem you may be picked up on the warrant, at that point you lose the sympathy of the court for your financial situation, also you may remain in custody until you are transported to the county that issued the warrant. Maybe the lawyer that helped you with the case will help you with the warrant and attempt to renegotiate your fine payment.

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